Notes for in a pachinko shop

1.What is Pachinko and Slot mashine?

(1)It's a kind of arcade game. You borrow balls or medals and play. If more boll are released, you can exchange these for some prizes.It is not a gambling.

2.Notes for entering shops.

(1)Game of persons under 18 years of age are not permitted.

(2)Please refrain from taking phtos in the store, in consideration for other customers.

(3)Drinking in the store is prohibited.

3.Notes for playing.

(1)Taking out of balls and medals to the outside of the store is prohibited. You can not even bring in balls and medals from outside the store.

(2)It is prohibited to play with multiple machines at the same time. Please to play with one.

(3)When you find such as tobacco and writers, key on a mashine, you know that mashine is already used by another costomer. Please find the mashine that is not anything left and play.

(4)If you have questions, call shop assistant by pushing button over the mashine written as 'call' or '呼出’.