【P's Cube Wi-Fi service use article】

General rules
direction using the service (henceforth "this service") about the Wi-Fi service "P's Cube" Internet connectivity etc. which Active Net Japan,Inc. (henceforth "our company") offers (henceforth a "visitor") It is the article provided in the object.

The 1st article (change of this article)
Our company may change this article without a prior notice. In that case, a visitor shall follow regulation of this article after change.

The 2nd article (notice)
When performing the notice on a visitor from our company, printing on the homepage of our company, etc. shall be performed by the method which our company judges to be suitable.
(1) The time of our company displaying the contents of the notice concerned on a homepage in the notice of the preceding clause and mail shall produce effect from the time of being sent or published by distribution etc.

The 3rd article (the range of this article)
The notice of other specific provisions, other terms of service (it combines below and calls it "terms of service etc."), etc. which our company defines separately shall also constitute a part of this article irrespective of the difference of a title.
When laws, such as this article and terms of service, differ, the terms of service concerned etc. shall have priority and shall be applied.

The 4th article (stop and discontinuation of this service)
our company can stop or interrupt offer of this service, when it corresponds to an unavoidable reason etc. and the following matter on a system.
(1) When transferring, extending or removal all or some of the equipment concerned when there is no prior notice and check of radio base station equipment and maintenance are performed immediately or.
(2) When it becomes difficult for our company to provide this service when telecommunications service operators other than our company stop offer of telecommunication service.
(3) When offer of this service usually passed and becomes impossible by the natural disaster incident, the fire, the theft, and other emergencies.
(4) When the number of the maximum simultaneous connection of radio base station equipment is exceeded.
(5) When other our company judges that temporary discontinuation is required on management of this service.

The 5th article (prohibited matter)
1. In using this service provided with the visitor, shall not perform the act provided in the next.
(1) The act which does the act or damage which becomes a disadvantage of our company or a third party, or an act with those fear.
(2) The act which infringes on the property rights of others, such as intellectual property, such as copyright of our company or a third party, and a trademark right.
(3) The act which damages slander, slander, honor, or trust for our company or a third party.
(4) The fraud or the threat act to our company or a third party.
(5) The act which carries out e-mail transmission with a possibility of making a feeling of repulsion bearing or it makes a feeling of repulsion bearing against our company or a third party.
(6) The act which infringes on a third party's portrait rights or privacy.
(7) The act which does not obtain consent but transmits advertisement mail to many and unspecified third parties.
(8) The act which carries out endless chain investment scheme (pyramid selling) establishment, or invites.
(9) The act which uses this service by a method with a possibility of damaging this service or trust of our company.
(10) The act which has the serious influence for an act, Internet connectivity environment, etc. with a possibility of giving or giving trouble to use or management of telecommunication equipment of our company or a third party (in our company or this service) Our company has tied up and also it includes the act which peruses the information on the site which an entrepreneur appoints as an access exclusion place through this service.
(11) The acts which are illegal or contrary to good public order and customs (violence, prostitution, a cruel and blasphemous act, an utterance, etc.)
(12) The act connected with a criminal act or a criminal act, or the act which induces or agitates it.
(13) The act which transmits [ which hits obscenity, child pornography, or a child abuse / a picture, a document, etc. ]
(14) The act which transmits a picture with an unsuitable inspection, data, etc. to minority, or the act which sells the goods for adults and it distributes.
(15) The act which transmits a harmful computer program etc.
(16) The act which breaks the Public Offices Election Law.
(17) The act which breaks other statutes, a treaty (an export statute is included), etc., or an act with a possibility of breaking.
(18) In addition, the act judged that our company is unsuitable.
2. When our company judges that the visitor corresponds to one of preceding clause each numbers, our company shall perform the following measures, without stepping on a notice and other procedure.
(1) Require that the stop of the act concerned, correction or movement of data, other required measures, etc. should be performed to a visitor.
(2) Place or delete all or the parts of information or data which a visitor displays, sends or accumulates in the state where the others cannot peruse.
(3) Suspend that a visitor uses all or a part of these services.
(4) In addition, the thing for which a measure required in order to suspend prohibited acts is performed (collection of the information concerning the communication which is needed for the stop of prohibited acts, analysis, and accumulation are included.)

The 6th article (practical use of other networks)
When going via it or using networks, such as telecommunications service operators other than our company, equipment, or a circuit (it does not ask in and outside the country), a visitor shall follow the rule of the network concerned, etc.

The 7th article (reparations etc.)
When our company should provide this service, even if it is a case where offer of this service stops, our company makes all compensation liability that of a negative trap potato for the reason which should be returned to a responsibility of our company.
(1) When [, such as a natural disaster and other inevitability, ] offer of this service stops for the reason which is not returned to a responsibility of our company, our company takes a measure required for offer of this service promptly. Moreover, about the damage and lost profits which occurred on the visitor by the stop, our company makes all compensation liability that of a negative trap potato.
(2) Our company is the completeness, accuracy, usefulness, and legitimacy by this service about information, software, etc. which can be accessed. It shall not manage and guarantee and shall not take any responsibility.
(3) Our company shall not take any responsibility about the trouble which arose among the other companies, when a visitor uses this service.
(4) When a third party does a certain claim or statement to our company about use or its use of this service by a visitor, a visitor shall cooperate so that damage may not befall our company.

The 8th article (in addition to this)
(1) Our company cannot manage about the contents of the information which passes through a host computer, a network access center, and an access point (henceforth a "network" in 8th article). Moreover, our company does not offer any guarantees about the above-mentioned information.
(2) A visitor shall take responsibility himself about use of the information obtained through the network.
(3) The visitor cannot resell or provide this service for any persons other than a visitor.
(4) A visitor's personal information may be disclosed when there is a request of public institutions, such as the machinery of law. Moreover, on condition that it is processed as statistical information which cannot perform an individual's specification, a visitor's use situation may be provided for use by our company and a contractor, or a third party may be provided with it.
(5) Our company may carry out by continuing a lot of communication which exceeds average use remarkably, and may restrict control or a zone for communication of the visitor who has given excessive load to the network of our company or a third party.
(6) Our company may control the zone assigned to the communication concerned about the communication performed using the communication procedure predetermined [ our ].

The 9th article (applicable law)
About enactment of this article, effect, an interpretation, and fulfillment, it shall be based on the laws of Japan.

Additional rule
This agreement shall emit effect from November 1, Heisei 25.